Simply 100% fruit ice lollies. Nice! Nice By Nature

Who We Are

Hi there! Nice to meet you. Here is a bit about us… We are Nice By Nature! We love nature and we make nice ice lollies.

From talking with mums and dads, we know that it is not always easy getting good food we want into kids' hands, let alone their tummies! We simply believe that nature has its own store cupboard, a world of wonderful ingredients in the fields, forests and orchards. The good news is that Mother Nature is happy to share!

At Nice By Nature, we have created a range of delicious fruit ice lollies, made with 100% fruit and absolutely nothing else! Our lollies always contain four ingredients or less - always fruit, with no nasties!

Your kids might call them a snack or even a treat, but you can think of them as a fruit bowl in your freezer!

Our Purpose

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We believe in the power of nature to nurture. But what do we mean by this?

We know that getting kids to eat good stuff can be a battle for parents, so we have crafted our lollies to be guilt-free, by sticking with our favourite ingredient – fruit! We have Mother Nature to thank for that.

We also strongly believe in making the most of our wonderful great outdoors. So we've partnered with the lovely folk at Free To Be Kids to help disadvantaged children who haven't had the chance to enjoy the best of nature. Through a range of outdoor adventures, we are helping kids to build their self-esteem, resilience and discover their sense of adventure - in some cases for the first time.

Keep an eye out for our exciting adventures with Free to Be Kids by following us on social media, and visit the Free to Be Kids website by clicking on their lovely little tree below.