Why we are obsessed with fruit?

We all know that fruit and veg are essential for our kids' development. So let’s talk about fruit, because that’s our whole world here at Nice By Nature! Fruit is not just delicious, but a fantastic source of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. Kids’ growing bodies need plenty of nutrition, and adding fruit to their diet can help to do this.

Our lollies are made from a wide variety of fruit. Discover more interesting facts about our fruitful world by meeting our fun friends Rachel Raspberry, Brian Banana, Steve Strawberry, Alice Apple, Mary Mango and Bob Blackcurrant.

Rachel Raspberry | Energy 20kcal | Vitamin C 26mg | Fibre 2g
Brian Banana | Energy 65kcal | Vitamin C 7mg | Fibre 1g
Steve Strawberry | Energy 24kcal | Vitamin C 22mg | Fibre 3g
Alice Apple | Energy 41kcal | Vitamin C 5mg | Fibre 1g
Mary Mango | Energy 46kcal | Vitamin C 30mg | Fibre 2g
Bob Blackcurrant | Energy 22kcal | Vitamin C 160mg | Fibre 3g