Wonky fruit... Just as natural, and just as nice!

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They say you should never judge a book by its cover. We say the same apples - oops, applies - to fruit. 

For far too long, people selling fruit have believed that only perfect looking strawberries, apples or bananas should go into our supermarket baskets.

Here at Nice By Nature however, we decided right from the start that wonky fruit was more than welcome in our ice lollies. We gladly use dimpled strawberries and funny-shaped apples, raspberries, and mangoes. We even use straight bananas! It means less fruit gets wasted, and that’s a good thing. We know that a wonky fruit is just as nutritious and as tasty as any other piece of fruit. Mother Nature makes no distinction between them.

We are sure you will agree that our wonky fruit friends taste delicious in Nice By Nature lollies. Whatever flavour you choose, you won’t be disappointed. And next time you’re in the supermarket, make you sure you pick up some wonky fruit too!